Everyday Greetings

At the end of each service, when we extinguish the chalice, we do so “that it might glow gently in our hearts.” In Personal Theology Thursday features, we reflect on how we find that glow in the every day world.Today’s reflection comes to us from member Tim Peterson, who found that spirit in a new form of greeting.

On July 24th, I attended TEDx Fargo.¬†One of the speakers suggested that rather than asking people, “What do you do?” We should ask, “What are you excited about?” I thought this was an intriguing question and so I have begun using it.

Generally the first response is a nonverbal one of surprise or a pause. But once the person gets passed the initial surprise they have a lot to say.

One of the first people I asked began by telling me how he had spent many years in banking but had retired a year ago. He went on to say that he was now ready for the next challenge. When I asked what that might be, he told me about the number of potential new ventures that crossed his desk at the bank. He had thought how he only wished he could help better define their business idea. At this point he said with a definite sparkle in his eye, “I guess the next challenge is to find a way to work with these new startup folks here in Fargo to better define their business idea.”

What this new question does is tap into a person’s passion and meaning for living.

So what are you excited about?