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Wisdom Circles

Wisdom Circles are intentional lay-led small groups that deepen and expand the ministry of our congregation.  Wisdom Circles help build community and provide opportunities for deeper relationships – intimacy — and opportunity for deeper spiritual exploration and search for meaning –ultimacy.

Wisdom Circles, also known as Covenant groups or Chalice Circles, may be the spiritual development path you have been hoping to find. A wisdom circle is a small group of people who agree to focus on nurturing relationships among members and exploring their spiritual journeys. During a committed period of about 6 months, people share their life stories and strengthen ties to each other over time, offering expanding opportunities for growth, caring and connection within the congregation.

What is it like to be in a Wisdom Circle? At a typical gathering, 6-10 people briefly check in with each other. They get to know one another on a deeper level and catch up with each others’ lives. People then share their reflections and ideas.

For many people,Wisdom Circles, which provide a safe place for exploring and sharing thoughts and feelings, go significantly beyond the coffee-hour level of connecting with people. As one member describes it, “Wisdom Circles can provide a place of spiritual intimacy for many of our members in this church. They have a huge potential for enriching, even transforming our church lives.”

There will be five Wisdom Circles for FMUU starting in early September through October. As an example here are two of the circles that will be offered:
MINDFUL WRITING WISDOM CIRCLE with Carol: It’s a writing group, a jounaling group, a mindfulness group, a spiritual development group. We will begin meeting in September once a month. We will be led by the book, The Pen and the Bell (which also inspired this introduction and invitation).

SECOND HALF OF LIFE WISDOM CIRCLE with Beth: Psychologists agree that spiritual needs change in the second half of life. One’s attention moves from success in the outside, more public world. It often turns to a desire for greater inner meaning once one’s career peaks or nears its end. This covenant circle will meet for nine two-hour sessions, once per month, and use the book The Second Half of Life: Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom by Angeles Arrien.

Other groups offered include a Strengths Finder circle based on research and literature from the Gallup Corporation, a circle entitled “Questions for All of Your Answers” meant to create discussions and get you thinking about those insightful aspects and sometimes tough questions about spirituality and religion, and a spiritual practice circle exploring chakras and how they are recognized by many spiritual paths and techniques to working with them and improving how you feel.

Come joins us and learn how you can grown in your spiritual exploration and explore the ways you can build relationships with other like minded individuals here at FMUU.

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