Sunday Service Recap

Eric Daeuber:  Point of View

You cannot see around a corner.  And the person around the corner cannot either.  Did you ever wonder what the blind spot that you’re standing in
looks like to someone else?  Most of us already know that we do not see everything from a single point of view.  But what we do see is important
to us.  The strange thing is that many people don’t much care what is important to us.  Every place in the world, every idea, every opinion, is situated in a blind spot to most of the world.  Is there a solution to this?  Or is it even a problem?

Have you ever told someone a story about yourself whether it is positive or negative, and instead of asking you more about your story they instead start telling you a story about themselves that somehow shares a connection to your story? Usually you will find that while people say they want to hear about you and share your experience it usually turns into a reflection of their own life.

Is this really the fault of the person listening? Are they really that selfish and self absorbed that they cannot refrain from making it about them? Or is it that no matter how much we want to believe that someone is able to see the world from our prospective that it just may not be possible to expect that? We often hear the phrase “if I could only know what he/she is thinking”. It’s a common sentiment, but do you really think that we could honestly comprehend what someone is thinking?

They were not born and raised the same as you, they have not had the same life experiences as you. Is it really possible for you to understand what someone is thinking or how they process those thoughts? Could you really make sense of how their life came to be and what they consider “reasonable”? Most likely you would not be able to survive five minutes in someone else’s mind. You would have no way to apply your thought process to their life and move through the day in the same way that they do, or even the way that they make their way through the day.

Maybe we are putting too much stress on the people around us. Maybe we are expecting the impossible when we share our lives with others. Maybe the best that we can expect from people is that they show us compassion and empathy when we share our story, and that they try to find a way to connect their life to ours even if that means they don’t ask you questions, but instead share their story with you. In the end that is what we are all truly searching for. A way to connect with one another.


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