Look, Listen, and Laugh

Does your house not have central air conditioning in the middle of summer?

Did your car decide to die completely on you in the middle of the road while you were on your way to what was supposed to be a fun-filled family outing?

Do your pets or kids think you’re good for nothing at all except feeding them and providing them with the best of everything life has to offer and ignore you when it comes to everything else?

If so, take a moment. Take a deep breath.
Cry a little, and then force yourself to laugh.

Is your job getting so stressful that the very idea of going to work leaves you feeling nauseated?

Have you contemplated just walking away from your life and everyone in it?

Are you wondering why you were even born or put in this particular place at this particular time?

If so, stop and really look around you.
God is still speaking.  He will speak, yes; even to you he will speak.

He will tell you why if you can just take that one last ounce of strength, that one final bit of patience, and just listen to what he or she has to say. He will lift you up, if you let him.  Let him or her teach you how to laugh again; the way you used to laugh when you were a small child and falling down seemed so hilariously funny.  He or she will remind you of the joy that is to be found in the world around you, even in the most ordinary things and places.

But only if you let him or her do so.

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