Risk the Sacred Journey

Risk the Sacred Journey (by Doris Klein)

Each of us stands at the gate of tomorrow, facing the future.
At times, we have walked in wonder and awe;
at other times, we have moved along in the flood of fear.
Looking back – we may recognize
that amid the joys and struggles of this journey
we have been companioned – by a grace-full Presence
that has held us together and led us on.

This is not simply a journey – through a string of days and years.
Rather, this is a Sacred Journey,
one that is reverenced and surrounded by Mystery.
Although we long for someone – to translate the risks of this journey
into logical explanations,
We often find ourselves in the foreign land of faith.

We stand on the edge of our hopes and dreams
and ask in trust to be led and supported
by a Love and Energy much larger than we can imagine.
We ask to walk here in courage and integrity,
as we attempt to discern the voice of God
amid the cacophony of our doubts and fear.

To risk the journey and the face of the future – is simply to walk in faith.

We stand, clothed in grace and showered with blessing
at times we see the flecks of light;
at other times we see only the shadows of the silhouette.
But always, both in our knowing and in our unknowing,
we are escorted into tomorrow by Love,
who gives us everything we need.

We risk the sacred journey; we go to make a difference