Growing an Engaged Church: Chapter 7

This chapter focused on finding the strengths of your congregation.  Our group decided to take the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment.  Our group will discover their top five (5) dominant strengths and they will recognize the unique traits that make them who they are.  We spent some time tonight looking over the 34 themes or strengths and we tried to guess the strengths of one another.  After we take the assessment, the group is going to meet again and discuss their results.

Chapter Seven: Inside an Engaged Congregation

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This chapter profiles an engaged congregation: St. Gerard Majella Catholic Church in Port Jefferson Station, New York. In 1991, this spiritual community was characterized by dis-engagement and had about $500,000 in debt. At the time of this publishing, about 46% of their congregants were highly engaged and those who are actively disengaged decreased from 22% to 12% (as measured by the Gallup Q12 assessment). Their financial position is significantly strengthened and they currently have a $2 million surplus, primarily designated toward construction of a new church building.



The strategies St. Gerard used to increase engagement include:
• Strengths-based service opportunities (assessing strengths and finding ways congregants can serve from their strengths).
• Small groups (often strengths-focused).
• Visual systems that acknowledge strengths and contributions.
• Focusing attention on what is working (as evidenced by accurate and timely record keeping).

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