Social Justice Action: The FMUU Garden Plot

At FMUU we have a very active social justice community. Last year as we were weeding through possibilities for our social justice cause for the year, we settled on merging the top two items and calling our venture “Homeless and Hungry”. We addressed homelessness and hunger that face people in our area and figured out ways we could make a difference. Part of our actions to the “hunger” side of it was the decision to rent a garden plot at Probtsfield Organic Gardens and to donate all of the produce grown to the Dorothy Day Food Pantry.

We enjoyed this project so much, and we were so successful last year, that we decided to renew our garden plot again for this year. After a very long wait for spring to come, we showed up to the plot ready to dig in and start planting. And then we saw what happened during the period of waiting for the plot to dry enough for us to plant.

Garden plot half tilled.

As you can see the weeds had moved in. I had to drive home and borrow a tiller to dig it all up to give us something to work with. Luckily the process didn’t take too long and we were planting in no time!

The donated plants from the greenhouses at NDSU.

We received all of our plants by donation. We were given many tomato plants, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, and a couple of cucumber plants meant for homemade pickles.

Our fantastic volunteers Mike Headrick, Donna Jones, and Murill Halvorson


I want to give a huge thank you to our volunteers for helping with the planting. Thank you Mike Headrick (Chair of our Social Justice Council),  Donna Jones, and Murill Halvorson for showing up and getting a little dirty and working up a sweat all while sharing some good time together for a good cause.

Here’s to another year of successful gardening and large donations!



Here’s the finished plot. All mulched and ready for the season.

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