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Last Sunday, when I sat down to write my blog post, I discovered that I had writers block.  Usually the biggest problem I have when I write is deciding on the topic.  Not this week though.  This week I literally had a blank page and I kept typing and erasing.

After a couple hours of starting at a blank screen,  I decided I would look through my notebooks and journals to see if there was an idea I could use.  Stuck in the back of one of my notebooks, I found a picture my sister Jill sent of my nieces Avery and Ashley.   In the picture the girls are outside in the back yard and Avery is giving her baby sister Ashley a kiss.

At the time I got the photo in the mail, I was taking a creative writing class at school.  We were studying poetry.  The assignment for week was to write a poem about someone we knew.  I couldn’t think of anyone I wanted to write about– at least until I saw this picture of my nieces.

Avery (right) and Ashley(left)

There aren’t many relationships in life, outside of those with your children, where you get to know somebody from their beginning.I feel a strong obligation to be there for my nieces and help shape the people that they will become.  Aunties are important because every child needs a responsible, loving, caring, adoring adult who is not a parent where they can go to visit and be safe and be loved and be cared for; where they can practice expressing different sides of their personality, in a new environment that’s got different rules but the same amount of boundaries of love.

One of the sweetest joys of my life has been being an aunt.  There’s something magical about the l time that I spend with Avery and Ashley; everything I do with them is special because I don’t have an ordinary, quotidian, daily routine. The time we spend together is simply about indulging our relationship and our joy.  Finding that picture reminded me  how grateful for all the children in my life who inspire me in so many different ways.

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  1. Aunties rock and being one is supper special. I have no children, but my nieces and nephews bring me joy, even from across baby miles of separation. Thanks.

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