Hope and Opportunity: Reflections of a Freshman Representative

Joshua Boschee

Hope and Opportunity: Reflections of a Freshman Representative

Having completed his first session as a newly elected member of the North Dakota House of Representatives, Joshua Boschee will share his reflections on being a part of the minority party. With unprecedented financial resources, the session has had plenty of controversy and Joshua will share his observations from a seat in the front row. He will also share his thoughts on the political potential of our state as we move beyond the 63rd Legislative Assembly.

District 44 House representative Joshua Boschee speaking to the congregation at FMUU

Josh shared with us the awakening he received when he finally got to work being a representative. We learned that North Dakota in not unlike politics at the Federal level. Even right here in North Dakota, many of the senators and representatives elected seem to be more interested in playing political party games instead of representing what’s best for their constituents and making sure they are taken care of.

But there is hope for the future of North Dakota politics. Josh has observed a change in the type of people being elected to represent the people. As new members get elected they bring with them a true sense of wanting to work together. They are tired of filling the expected roles of voting a certain way based on the simple fact of party lines. There seems to be a shift in the newest members to truly want to work together for the benefit of the people of North Dakota.

As North Dakota continues to elect newer members to represent the people, let us hope that they can truly work together and stop this childish act of not compromising just to force their party’s agenda. Let the people be represented by individuals who care more about the health and welfare of the state’s residents as a whole instead of basing decisions on which party introduces which bill.

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