5 Things That Make My Saturday Morning Awesome

1.   Waking up early– Even though I usually don’t set the alarm on Friday night before for I go to bed I still get up early on Saturday morning.  This is the most peaceful time of the week.  No one needs me, the phone is not ringing, the TV is not on, and there aren’t any choirs to do or errands to run.  There is just silence and stillness—Beautiful!

2.  TV.  There I said it!!  I like TV!!!  During the week in the morning I watch the news but on Saturday morning I watch cartoons.  My favorite is SpongeBob Squarepants.

I Love Nautical Nonsense

I Love Nautical Nonsense








3.   Magazines-House Beautiful, Cosmo, O Magazine, Mental Floss or really any other magazine I can get my hands on that has beautiful pictures and light reading.


4.   Coffee.  I don’t think this needs more explanation.

Lots and Lots of Coffee








5.   Going to the Gym or for a long walk

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  1. The clock is broken in Bikini Bottom. I posted at 8:12 p.m. om the 4th.

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