UU and Me


Boy in blue hat, holding flower

“Find good and Praise it.” – Alex Haley

I am a self-confessed ex-Baptist, ex-Catholic, ex-dabbler in Lutheran and other basic American Christian religions who has been on a seemingly never-ending search for a spiritual community that allows me to be who I am and believe what I believe, without shame, fear, guilt or retribution.  That search, after many years, has led me to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Fargo Moorhead.

I would reluctantly categorize myself as middle aged –let’s just say I have been around the block once or twice and have a head full of gray hair to prove it.  I am not a native to this area, having been raised mostly in the eastern part of the country.  After attending 13 schools, I graduated high school in Lorain, Ohio.  I attribute this many schools only to the fact that we moved a lot, and my mother was married three times.

I went to Firelands College, of Bowling Green State University, garnering an Associate of Arts Degree.  (I had to the take the same classes on the way to a bachelor’s degree, so I thought why not get a little degree in the mean time?)  After a year at the main Bowling Green Campus, I set out to serve our nation in the United States Air Force.

I spent 10 ½ years in the Air Force, three of them in the Philippines, and seven of them in Dickinson, ND.  (I know, please don’t feel too sorry for me. Dickinson is where I started to learn to love North Dakota and its people

I then started working for a regional furniture retail company, where I have been happily employed for over 19 years.  In that time I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Mary.  It took 26 years, but I never gave up the dream to graduate.

My intention in this blog is to share with you my experiences in learning more and more about the UU church and hopefully, my spiritual growth.  My intent is to be open and honest about my experiences, as well as to maybe make you giggle a little in the process.  I love to write and sharing this journey is a great way to keep up that practice as well as to help me document my spiritual growth.

I have a lot to learn, but I want you to know that what I do know, so far, has me attentive, open, and excited to be a part of a community of like-minded, peace loving people. I am reading some literature about Unitarian Universalism, attending some workshops and will be participating in Adult RE as well.  I think it will be fun! Come back on Wednedays and see how it is going.  PEACE.